My approach

I am running to represent Ward 6 in order to improve the lives of regular residents with simple policy changes which will have a big impact. 

In my legal career, I’ve taken bold stands in representing people exercising their freedom of expression, those seeking access to government information about environmental issues, employees, unions, progressive non-profit organizations, tenants, as well as  people fighting for their rights. And I’m now keen to continue doing this work as your city councillor for Ward 6. I’m looking forward to fighting for you.

My approach

As a lawyer, I work with my clients to solve problems together. My approach to tackling issues as a city councillor will be no different: 

  • Read, listen and learn about the issue
  • Create a clear plan of action to solve the issue. Seek community feedback about the plan.
  • Put the plan into action, while having the courage to shift our plan along the way, as needed.
  • Seek community feedback about what worked well, and what remains to be done.

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